Sunday, 29th January, 2023
Sunday, 29th January, 2023
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Nagad offers up to 30% bonus in SWAP deals

Nagad, the mobile financial service arm of Bangladesh Post Office and re-commerce firm SWAP came up with an exciting campaign of ‘Choice is yours’ where Nagad users can avail 10 to 30 percent bonus in any deal.

Under the offer in SWAP, Nagad Deal E BeshiLabh, Nagad users can buy and sell used products like cell phone, laptop, motorbike, furniture, car and other items with the bonus offer. SWAP’s pick-up staff will collect the old product from the customer’s house in compliance with hygiene rules.

The offer will continue till August 31, 2021. Customers will get a maximum bonus of 30 percent, or up to Taka 30,000, if they transfer the bonus 30 working days after the sale of the product.

If they take it after 15 working days, they will get a 20 percent bonus, or up to Taka 20,000. And if they take it immediately, they will get a 10 percent bonus, or up to Taka 10,000, said a press release.

SWAP Chief Executive officer Parvez Hossain believes that old and used goods are not trash rather it could be usable to someone in need.

Speaking about the offer, Sheikh Aminur Rahman, Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) of Nagad, said, “Nagad thinks that it is important to partner with any local enterprise because Nagad itself is a local company. Nagad will try to play a role as a medium so that both buyers and sellers benefit from the offer of SWAP because it is more profitable on Nagad.”

Customers can visit the link ( to know more about the campaign.


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