Friday, 12th April, 2024
Friday, 12th April, 2024

‘India imposes, lifts ban on onion export for its own interest’

‘India imposes, lifts ban on onion export for its own interest’

India imposes and lifts ban on onion export for its own interest, said Commerce Minister Tipu Munshi on Sunday.

He said neighboring India makes onion export to Bangladesh as per their own convenience and sometimes they suddenly halt onion export. “This is why the government has undertaken various steps to boost onion cultivation to meet the growing demand of country’s people instead of relying on imports only.”

The commerce minister was addressing a press conference at the ministry’s conference room at Bangladesh Secretariat.

He also informed that local varieties of onion would hit the market in the coming March.

“The onions are entering Bangladesh from India against the letters of credit (LCs) opened earlier. The current import price of those onions is Tk 39 per kg. Decision will be taken shortly on imposing duty again on fresh onion import taking the interests of all concerned into account,” he said.

Seeking support of the media personnel for playing their due role in stabilizing the market, Tipu said, “Our main goal is to keep the market stable. No dishonest businessman will be given space as stern action will be taken against them.”

Noting that there is an annual deficit of 8 to 9 lakh metric tons of onion in the country, the minister said the government has undertaken various measures to attain self-sufficiency in onion production to overcome the shortfall.

He said the production of onion is now increasing in the country and Bangladesh would be self-sufficient in onion production within the next three years.

The minister informed that the government has taken various measures to provide high quality seeds and technology to the farmers side by side conserving 4 to 5 lakh metric tons of onion in the cold storage. Besides, onions will be marketed in the peak season after processing those into powder.

Answering to a question, he said that the price of potatoes has come down in the local market while the Trading Corporation of Bangladesh (TCB) would put it on sale if the price goes up.

Mentioning that there has been some impact in the local market since the price of edible oil has increased in the world market, Tipu said the government has been in strong vigil so that none could increase the price in illegal ways.

He said the government has decided to import rice since there has been a slight shortage in stock while rice will be imported to make necessary stockpiling.

He also informed that the private sector would be allowed to import rice if it is deemed necessary.

Commerce Secretary Md Jafar Uddin was present at the press conference.

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