Friday, 12th April, 2024
Friday, 12th April, 2024

Rice, sugar, edible oil prices stay up, vegetables slide

Prices of soya bean oil and broiler increased in city kitchen markets over the week ending on Friday while the price of rice and sugar continued to stay high adding suffering to buyers.
Traders said rice prices showed no sign of deceleration while they blamed higher edible oil price at international market for higher price at local market. Vegetables prices were however stable at lower end.
Bottled soya bean oil prices increased in retail market as wholesalers pulled the price on their end. Prices of broiler chicken went up in city market mainly due higher demand.
Chicken price usually increases from January to March every year over increased demand during the festival season when weddings and picnic parties rises. The price of broiler chicken increased by Tk 10 a kg and the item was selling for Tk 145-150 a kg in the city markets on Friday. Locally bred hens were selling for Tk 400-500 a kg.
Soya bean oil prices have increased by Tk 2-5 per litre depending on quality over the week-end. A one-litre bottle sold for Tk 135-140 while packed five litres sold for Tk 580-640.
Unpackaged soya bean oil sold for Tk 115-120 a litre and palm oil for Tk 105-107 a litre. The prices of onion fell by Tk 5 a kilogram over the week. The local variety sold for Tk 30-35 a kg while the imported variety sold for Tk 25-30 a kg over the week in the capital.
Rice prices were high selling coarse vaaariety at Tk 45-48 a kg. Medium-quality rice sold for Tk 52-58 a kg and standard Miniket sold for Tk 62-65 a kg. Other fine varieties sold for Tk 67-70 a kg. Najirshail sold for Tk 70-72.
The prices of red lentil remained unchanged. The coarse lentils sold for Tk 65-70 a kg while the medium- variety sold for Tk 85-90 and fine lentil sold for Tk 115-120 a kg at the week-end. Sugar retailed forTk 68-70 and locally-produced one sold at Tk 70 a kg.
Onion price has come down selling at Tk 30-35 a kg. Garlic retailed at Tk 100-120 a kg, while the local variety sold for Tk 110-130. Ginger sold for Tk 80-120 a kg and the local variety was retailed at Tk 100-120. Packaged salt retailed at Tk 35 a kg.
At vegetables market Aubergine sold for Tk 30-45 a kg, papaya for Tk 30-40, bitter gourd for Tk 40-50, okra for Tk 50-60 a kg, bottle gourd for Tk 35-45 apiece, beans for Tk 30-35, radish for Tk 10-15. Cucumber sold for Tk 30-40 a kg, cauliflower for Tk 15 apiece, cabbage for Tk 15-20 apiece and tomato for Tk 30-40 a kg.
Potato price has come down. Newly arrived potato sold Tk 15-20 a kg. Prices of green chilies remained unchanged selling between tk 50 and 60 a kg on Friday.
Beef sold for Tk 540-560 a kg while mutton sold for Tk 750 -800 a kg in the capital. The price of eggs remained unchanged at Tk 95-100 per dozens. It is cheaper at wholesale level.
Plenty fish was available and prices were reasonable.

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