Sunday, 29th January, 2023
Sunday, 29th January, 2023

Amazon set to open first checkout-free grocery store in UK

Amazon is preparing to open its first walk-in store in the UK this week, selling items such as groceries and technology, without any checkouts.

Using Amazon’s ‘Just Walk Out’ technology, all customers need to scan the Amazon Go app at the gate to make their purchase. Items are added to the virtual cart bypassing the checkout as there is no traditional point of sell (POS) terminal.

Any item purchased is billed to the customer’s Amazon account, a receipt for the transaction is emailed to them and completely relieved of the need for a paper receipt. The goal of the experience is to provide convenience but reduce physical contact, especially barriers such as checkouts, pose terminals and bagging areas.

Although the opening will be the first store of its kind in the UK, Amazon has been testing the system in the US since 2016 and opened its first touch-free store in 2018. The online shopping giant now has more than 25 examples across America. If the pilot is successful, it is rumored that Amazon may eventually open 30 new cashier-ess stores on UK soil.

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