Saturday, 18th May, 2024
Saturday, 18th May, 2024

Govt permits private sector to import 91,000 tonnes more rice

The government has permitted 63 private firms to import 91,000 tonnes of rice to contain the price spiral of the food grain in the domestic market.

With this, the government has, so far, permitted importing 8,73,500 tonnes of rice in five phases.

The Food Ministry on Monday sent a letter to the Commerce Ministry giving the permission to 63 private agencies.

As per the condition attached by the ministry, importers would have to open Letter of Credit (LC) within seven days of getting allotement. The Food Ministry will have to be informed the matter through email immediately.

Those permitted to import 1,000-5,000 tonnes of rice will require to supply 50 percent of the staple grain to the market in 10 days after opening the LCs while the rest within 20 days.

Besides, those traders received permission to import 5,000-10,000 tonnes of rice will have to bring and supply 50 percent of the staple grain to the market in 15 days after opening the LCs, and the rest within 30 days.

Additional import permit (IP) against the allotment can not be issued.

Earlier on January 3, the government has given permission to 10 private firms to import 1,05,000 tonnes of rice and on
January 4, 19 traders got permission to import 2,15,000 tonnes.

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