Sunday, 29th January, 2023
Sunday, 29th January, 2023

Mango traders cashing in on higher price in season’s peak

Mango traders are passing a busy time selling mangoes as it’s the peak of the mango season.

Baguri Bazar, a local bazar in Sharsha upazila in Jashore, is buzzing with the traders and wholesale customers as people from different parts of the country have thronged here to purchase the delicious fruit.

Vendors are experiencing a surge in good amounts of mango and they are happy with the price of the mango as it is higher than the previous year.

All varieties of mango including Himsagar, Langra, Lakhna are available in the local bazaars including Baguri Bazar and each maund of mango is being sold at Tk 800-2400.

Last year, one maund of mango (around 40k) was sold at Tk 2000-2200.

Talking to some mango vendors, they said this year the production is low but the price is good enough. Already the sales of Gobinda, Bombay, Gopalbhog mangoes are at an end and the market is now full with Himsagar and Langra varieties.

After a few days, Amrupali will hit the market.

People from different countries came here as the mango of the area is renowned for its delicious taste and sweetness.

Rafiqul, a mango grower of Kaibar Mohisha area, said “The mango selling is going on in its full swing. Last year, I sold each maund of mango Tk 1200 but this year one maund of mango is being sold at Tk 800-2,000.”

Korban Ali, another mango grower, said “This year the price of mango is good and if it continues we will earn a good profit.”

Enamul, a mango trader from Patuakhali, said one maund of Himsagar variety of mango is being sold at Tk 1400-2000 while Langra is being sold at Tk 1200-1500 and the Bombay variety is being sold at Tk 1800-2000 per maund.

Rajib Hossain, wholesale trader from Chapainawabganj, said “This year the price of mango is good and every year I visit the Baguri Bazar to purchase the delicious mango from here.”

Soutam Kumar Sheel, deputy director of Jashore Department of Agriculture Extension (DAE), said “Last year the mango growers were hit hard by cyclone Amphan but this year the traders are now happy with the good price of mango. This year, 680 hectares of land have been brought under mango cultivation in Sharsha upazila of the district.”

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