Monday, 27th September, 2021
Monday, 27th September, 2021

Number of millionaires rises in country despite pandemic

Despite economic damage from the Coronavirus pandemic, the number of millionaires has doubled in the country this year than the previous year.

During the period, the number of accounts rose to over 11,000.

Experts think the rise of the millionaires’ number to such extent is abnormal. But, there is no initiative to find out the source of their wealth which may encourage corruption.

According to a report published by the Bangladesh Bank, the number of accounts of millionaires stood at 94,272 in banks in last March. Of the total number, some 72,780 or 77 per cent increased in last 12 years of the present government.

It said, during the beginning of coronavirus infection in March, 2020, the number of individual and organisational millionaires was 82,625 while the number rose to 94,272 in March this year….that means, the number increased by 11,647.

The report also added, the number of millionaires rose by 6,349 during the normal situation from March 2019 to March 2020 and the number doubled the next year.

The number of millionaires with between Tk 1 crore and one – Tk 5 crore increased more.

There are 72,229 people with Tk over 1 crore to Tk 5 crore which was 64,726 in March last year.

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