Thursday, 21st October, 2021
Thursday, 21st October, 2021

Prices of commodities, including vegetables, remain high

Food prices have left people gasping in the recent weeks as most of the essential commodities, including vegetables, eggs, and chicken, became dearer this week despite adequate supply.

Eggs per dozen were being sold at Tk115-120, while broiler chicken was being sold at Tk155-170 per kg. Both saw a Tk10-17 per kg hike this week.

Sonali Pakistani chicken sold for Tk300-310 per kg, which was Tk220-230 even two weeks ago.

Local chicken is being sold at Tk440-480. Beef is being sold at Tk580- 600 kg, and mutton at Tk800-850 kg.

Visiting several kitchen markets in the capital on Saturday, including Hatirpool, New Market, Lalbagh and Mohakhali, it was also found that sugar and oil were sold by retailers at prices higher than the government-fixed rates.

Retailers said that prices would remain high until the winter vegetables hit the markets.

Also, most vegetables were not sold for less than Tk60 a kilogram.

Green chili is being sold at Tk110-115 per kg. Last week it was Tk90-100 per kg.

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Beans, a winter vegetable, are being sold for Tk120-140 per kg .

Wholesalers and retailers claimed floods drove a dip in supply and caused price hikes.

Aminul Islam, a chilli retailer, said: “The price of green chilli has been rising for several days. Compared to last week, it went up by Tk10-20 per kg.”

Emdadul Haque, grocery vendor from HatirpoolKacha bazar said: “No change in price this week. We are selling loose sugar per kg at Tk82-84. Fresh and Teer brands of sugar are sold at Tk86 a kg.”

Packaged sugar was supposed to be sold at Tk75 per kg, as per government instructions.

Although a litre of bottled soybean oil is being sold at Tk158, a five litre bottle is being sold at Tk728, and loose soybean/palm oil at Tk150 a litre.

Another vendor, Nabibur Rahman said: “Companies are blaming the international market for increasing the edible oil prices. We have nothing to do with the prices.”

Tutul Sikder, a consumer at Karwan Bazar, said: “Eggs and chicken prices are going up abnormally. What else can we do? Meat prices are already up and out of our reach.”

Echoing similar views, another vendor from the market, Abul Bashar said: “Rice prices remained unchanged from last week. Miniket was sold at Tk60-62 per kg, Nazirshail Tk60-63, Atashbalam Tk50-54, Paijam Tk50-55, Guti Swarna Tk45-48 and Chinigura Tk90-95 per kg.”

Meanwhile, potatoes were sold at Tk25-29 per kg, eggplants Tk45-50, cucumber, snake gourd (chichinga), sponge gourd (dhundal) are being sold at Tk50 per kg, with an increase of Tk10 from last week.

Luffa (jhinga) and spiny gourd (kakrol) are being sold at Tk38-45 per kg. Bitter gourds (korola) were sold at Tk58-65 per kg.

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