Friday, 12th April, 2024
Friday, 12th April, 2024

WP engine adopts new growth model

WP Engine, the WordPress technology company, made a series of announcements today to kick off the new year. As we learned last year, every business, small and large, is rethinking its approach to digital because a company’s website or digital experience is now the key to its continued success. WP Engine expands sales, marketing, and customer experience across three service lines: Enterprise: Small-Medium Business (SMB) and International, aligning itself to help companies of all sizes achieve digital.

Doing so will enable these business unit teams to deliver our customer-inspired core value to an organization built to support the unique needs of WP Engine customers.

“These organizational initiatives allow our customer-inspired core value to survive,” said Heather Bruner, chairman and CEO of WP Engine. “This new on-the-go framework will help WP Engine deliver more focus, better service and seamless innovation in our multi-product portfolios – unleashing the full potential of the extraordinary skills we have created for our customers so that they can pursue their digital ambitions. Achieve success and win online.

As a leader in managed WordPress hosting and WordPress technology, WP Engine is the driving force behind the 1.2 million digital experience for 150,000 customers across 150 countries. In fact, according to W3 Tex, the WP Engine has become the most popular platform for WordPress, hosting more WordPress sites in the top 10 million than anyone else. It is the fastest platform for desktop and mobile for WordPress.

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