Monday, 15th July, 2024
Monday, 15th July, 2024

Tipu urges South Korea to provide duty free trade facilities

Commerce Minister Tipu Munshi today urged South
Korea to provide duty free market access for increasing exports.

“South Korea is a friend of Bangladesh. Many South Korean businesses are
operating in Bangladesh. There is a huge demand for many South Korean
products in Bangladesh. Many South Korean entrepreneurs have already invested
in the country. There is an opportunity to increase this investment,” he

The minister said this while meeting with South Korean Ambassador to
Bangladesh Lee Jangkeun in the secretariat in the city, said a press release.

Tipu said South Korea is a partner in Bangladesh’s development activities.

Besides manufacturing, readymade garments and electronic products, he
informed, South Korea is also playing an important role in the construction
work in Bangladesh.

The Commerce Minister said there is a huge opportunity to increase trade
and investment between the two countries.

Lee Jangkeun said that Bangladesh is a friend of South Korea and a big
business partner. “There are many South Korean businesses and investments in
Bangladesh. South Korea is also contributing to the development activities of
Bangladesh,” he added.

He said there are a lot of opportunities to increase trade and investment
in Bangladesh and South Korea wants to take advantage of the opportunities.

He informed that South Korea is working to increase investment in

Lauding Bangladesh for tackling the Covid-19 situation, the ambassador said
that South Korea is with Bangladesh in this situation.

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