Friday, 12th April, 2024
Friday, 12th April, 2024

Equinix sees 8 percent revenue growth in 2020

Global data center collocation and interconnection company Equinix saw its 2020 annual revenue increase year-over-year to about $6 billion. This represents the 722nd consecutive revenue growth of Equinix. The net income in 2020 came down to $370 million, a 27% decrease from the previous year.

“As 2020 brings a landscape of challenges and change, Equinix continues to innovate and adapt by serving its customers as a faithful partner in their digital transformation journey,” said Charles Myers, President and CEO of Equinix. “We have continued to expand our market leadership, earning nearly $6 billion in revenue and healthy growth both at the top-line and at the per-share level. As we anticipate, I am just as optimistic about our business and the broader opportunities to serve our customers, partners and shareholders as the world’s digital infrastructure company. ”

Interconnect revenue has grown year after year, with Equinix Fabric adding strong customer acceptance, good traction to the Internet exchange market, and a strong interconnection net. Equinix’s global interconnection platform now has more than 392,000 physical and virtual interconnections.

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