Saturday, 18th May, 2024
Saturday, 18th May, 2024

BSFIC for refraining from providing misleading information

Bangladesh Sugar and Food Industries Corporation (BSFIC) today urged all concerned to refrain from providing misleading and false information.

“Though sugarcane threshing has been suspended in the current 2020-21 season, the government will purchase all the sugarcane produced and supplied by the farmers in the catchment areas of six sugar mills. Rumors and misleading information are being published in various media that sugarcane will not be purchased in the catchment areas of these sugar mills,” said a BSFIC press release issued today.

As per the press release, in order to make the state-owned sugar mills profitable by producing multifaceted food products by modernizing the sugar mills, it has been decided to suspend sugarcane threshing activities in six sugar mills this season.

Although the sugarcane threshing activities in these sugar mills have been suspended for the current season, all the sugarcane produced and supplied by the farmers in the catchment area of these mills will be procured this year as in previous years.

Like earlier, all necessary steps have already been taken to procure the sugarcane of the suspended mills area and to thresh the sugarcane at the running mills of the surrounding areas. The government has already allocated Taka 100 crore to pay the price of the sugarcane.

Therefore, BSFIC informed that no sugarcane farmer will be financially affected due to the suspension of threshing activities of the mills this season. In this situation, BSFIC has especially requested the sugarcane farmers to supply all the sugarcane to the concerned sugarcane purchasing center.

BSFIC also informed that no workers, employees and officials working in the suspended sugar mills will be laid off and appropriate wages will be paid. In the sugar mills where sugarcane threshing is in progress, the workers, officers and employees will be adjusted or transferred from the suspended mills through phases. In this situation, BSFIC has requested all concerned not to listen to rumors and false information.

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