Monday, 15th July, 2024
Monday, 15th July, 2024

Arista announces multi-domain segmentation for zero trust enterprise

Arista Networks has announced a new zero-trust security framework for today’s digital enterprise. The Arista Multi-Domain Macro-Segmentation Service is a suite of capabilities to integrate security policies with networks through an open and continuous network segmentation system across network domains.

Enabled by Arista EOS (Extensible Operating System) and CloudVision capabilities, the latest Arista MSS (Macro-Segmentation Service) functionality includes a new group segmentation system, MSS-Group, which is used to control today’s enterprise workspace users and IoT devices.

Conventional network security architectures only protect users at the border. With an innumerable number of end user and IoT endpoints in today’s enterprise, this approach will no longer be enough. A zero-confidence architecture that assumes that any user or thing can be seamlessly networked is needed to secure modern networks.

Zero trust never believes without verification, restricting access to only the necessary connections and then constantly monitoring for good behavior. In this new decade, perceptions of network location, including behavioral-based situation analysis for asset visibility and rapid response to events, need to be replaced with uninterrupted, active network monitoring. Arista’s zero-trust protection approach has been designed to address this evolution, which includes network-based multi-domain segmentation, situational awareness and visibility of all network resources, and AI-driven network detection and response.

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