Monday, 24th June, 2024
Monday, 24th June, 2024

BSCIC reduces iodine price

Bangladesh Small and Cottage Industries Corporation (BSCIC) has re-fixed the price of potassium iodate (iodine), the main ingredient in iodised salt, to ensure production of a moderate amount of iodised salt and supply at a fair price to the consumer.

The price of potassium iodate per kg has been fixed at Taka 2,500 instead of Taka 3,000 from 1 January 2021, said a press release.

In the fiscal 2017-18, the price of potassium iodate was reduced from Taka 4,700 per kg to Taka 3,000.

Potassium iodate is used for iodising salt which is not produced in Bangladesh. It has to be imported from abroad.

Seventy to ninety grams of potassium iodate is required to add enough amount of iodine per ton of salt. About 30 metric tons of potassium iodate is used to add iodine to salt every year.

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