Monday, 17th January, 2022
Monday, 17th January, 2022

Basic food keeps seeing a price hike

The price of broiler chicken increased by Tk10 per kg in a week

In only three days, the price of onion has come down by Tk5-10, although chicken prices went up this week.

According to sellers, the end of Durga Puja and reduction of duty on onion imports cooled the price hike.

Per kg of imported red onion is now being sold at Tk55-60, while the domestic onion is sold at Tk60-65.

Last week, the price of onions hit Tk70-75, even Tk80 in some places.

Afzal Hossain, a grocery vendor from Hatirpool Kacha Bazar said: “Puja has come to an end and import duty has declined. So, importers are bringing more onions from India. The price came down yesterday.”

Broiler chicken however is getting more expensive. It was Tk175-180 last week and this week, it rose by Tk10 to Tk185-190. Earlier this month, broiler chicken was sold at Tk125-130.

Besides broilers, prices of Pakistani rooster, layer and Sonali breed chickens have also gone up.

Layer chicken is being sold at Tk250-270, Sonali chicken at Tk360, Pakistani rooster at Tk340-350 and local chicken at Tk420-450 per kg.

The price of broiler chicken kept rising on the pretext of exporting soybean meal for several months.

However, soybean meal exports have been stopped since October 14 by the Ministry of Commerce.

Chicken vendor from BUET Kacha Bazar Shariful Islam said: “Due to Puja, demand for chicken was high. The prices might go down later this week.”

He also noted that the broiler chicken may come back to Tk150-160 later this week. The supply is low at the market now.

After visiting several kitchen markets around the capital including Hatirpool Kacha Bazar, New Market Kacha Bazar, Lalbagh Kacha Bazar, Mohakhali Kacha Bazar on Saturday, it was seen that the price of vegetables peaked this week ahead of winter.

Most of the vegetables on the market are available at Tk60 to 65 per kg. Vendors hinted that the price may come down when new vegetables enter the market during winter.

Green chilli is being sold at Tk110-115 per kg. It was Tk100-120 per kg last week.

Arguing about the decline in imports, vendors claimed that floods have hit different parts of the country.

Aminul Islam, a chilli vendor said: “The price of green chilli has been rising for several days. It has increased by Tk10-20 per kg over the last week.”

Meanwhile, per dozen eggs are being sold at Tk110-112. Beef is being sold at Tk560- 580 and mutton meat at Tk750-850 per kg.

Emdadul Haque, a grocery vendor from Hatirpool Kacha Bazar said: “The price of sugar changed this week. We are selling per kg of sugar at Tk72-74. Packaged sugar such as Fresh, Teer is being sold at Tk86. Price of packaged sugar may come down later of this week.”

Although per litre of bottled soybean oil is being sold at Tk155, the five-litre bottle is being sold at Tk728. Loose soybean and palm oil are being sold at Tk150 per litre.

Another vendor, Nabibur Rahman said: “We have nothing to do with the prices. The price of five litres of Fresh Soyabean is Tk728, Rupchanda Tk760.”

Consumer Faruk Zamil at Karwan Bazar said: “Sugar price came down, as well as onion. But the price of chicken is going up. Vegetables could have been cheaper ahead of winter.”

Meanwhile, potato was sold at Tk20-25 per kg, eggplant Tk45-50, cucumber, snake gourd (chichinga), sponge gourd (dhundal) were sold at Tk50 per kg with an increase of Tk10 than last week.

Luffa (jhinga) and spiny gourd (kakrol) are being sold at Tk38-45 per kg. And bitter gourd (korola) is being sold at Tk58-65 per kg.

Vice President of Consumer Association of Bangladesh SM Nazar Hossain told Dhaka Tribune: “Fuel price and dollar price also had an impact on the local commodity market. If the supply becomes normal after puja, the prices may come down,”

“Syndicates are active in the market. Monitoring, especially mobile courts, will be helpful to bring the prices down,” he added.


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