Monday, 27th September, 2021
Monday, 27th September, 2021

NTRCA’s fourth public circular this year

Non-Government Teacher Registration and Certification Authority (NTRCA) will publish the fourth public circular this year.

Through the circular, NTRCA will recommend to recruit over 50,000 teachers in non-government educational institutions, sources said.

NTRCA has already started preparation of new recruitment circular.

NTRCA Secretary Dr. ATM Mahbub-ul Karim said “Hopefully, the fourth public circular will be published in the next three months. We have already started all the activities in this regard”.

“It was not possible to give results for 15,325 posts in the third public circular as no application was received for 8,448 posts and there were no women candidates for 6,777 posts. These posts will be added in the fourth public circular. So far, we have also received about 35,000 vacant posts. It can be said that the circular will be published for 50,000 posts”, he said.

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