Monday, 15th July, 2024
Monday, 15th July, 2024

President, PM greet members of armed forces

President M Abdul Hamid and Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina today issued separate message, greeting members of the armed forces on the occasion of the Armed Forces Day to be observed in the country tomorrow.

In his message, the President said the armed forces are the symbol of confidence and pride of the nation.

He said the members of the armed forces are playing a pivotal role in various national activities, including facing national disasters in aid of the civil administration, along with safeguarding the independence and sovereignty of the country.

Even members of the armed forces also have brightened the image of the country before the world through participating in the peacekeeping missions of the United Nations and performing their responsibility with utmost sincerity, discipline and professional expertise, said President Hamid, also the supreme commander of the armed forces.

During the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, the president said, members of the armed forces have played laudable roles in preventing the viral infection by engaging themselves in the field.

The president mentioned that the government has formulated an action plan titled ‘Forces Goal-2030’ aiming to modernize the armed forces. “The action plan will undoubtedly make the armed forces more modern, efficient and dynamic,” he added.

Recalling the glorious founding day of the armed forces, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina said in her message that members of the army, navy and air force had retaliated against the occupation forces on November 21 in 1971.

The freedom fighters, members of different paramilitary forces and the patriotic people had carried out jointly an integrated attack and compelled the occupation forces to surrender, the PM said in her message.

“We achieved the final victory on December 16 in 1971 after defeating the occupational forces. And the ‘Armed Forces Day’ is being observed in every year on November 21 as a landmark of the victory and success of the Bangalee nation in the great liberation war,” she said.

The government has formulated ‘Forces Goal-2030’ in light of the defense policy of 1974, she said, adding that the modernization of the three forces is being implemented gradually under the policy.

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