Monday, 24th June, 2024
Monday, 24th June, 2024
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Bangladesh’s Petrobangla cancels LNG spot cargo deliveries

admin 20 June 2024
Bangladesh's Petrobangla has cancelled some spot liquefied natural gas imports after one of the country's [.....]

Rawhide prices fixed ahead of Eid

admin 05 June 2024
Ahead of the holy Eid-ul-Azha, the prices of the salt-applied rawhides of cows have been [.....]

“Institutions made dysfunctional”

admin 06 May 2024
Institutions made dysfunctionalAll the institutions in the country have been made dysfunctional to such an [.....]

Oil surges as Iran blasts fan Middle East escalation fears

Economist Desk 20 April 2024
Oil prices rallied and equities sank Friday as reports said explosions had been heard in [.....]

Prices of essentials rise again

admin 20 April 2024
  The prices of several essentials including onions, potatoes, eggs, garlic and ginger increased after the [.....]

Onion price falls in Dhaka

Staff Reporter 21 March 2024
  The retail price of onions has dipped by at least Tk 30 at the kitchen [.....]

Dates gain several times price after entering Bangladesh

admin 14 March 2024
Zaidi variety of dates is one of the most sought-after Iftar items in Bangladesh. The [.....]

Bank interest rate now higher than savings

admin 10 March 2024
  The interest rates on bank loans are rising, with some banks charging more than 13 [.....]

RMG Exports to US fall by $2.44b

admin 22 February 2024
In 2023, Bangladesh's garment sector faced challenges in the US market as exports of Bangladesh-made [.....]

Partial incentive on export a few products

admin 13 February 2024
The government is going to revise its decision on new markets, five products of the [.....]