Monday, 24th June, 2024
Monday, 24th June, 2024
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Prices of essentials rise again

admin 20 April 2024
  The prices of several essentials including onions, potatoes, eggs, garlic and ginger increased after the [.....]

RMG Exports to US fall by $2.44b

admin 22 February 2024
In 2023, Bangladesh's garment sector faced challenges in the US market as exports of Bangladesh-made [.....]

Bangladesh Bank prints money against power-fertiliser bonds

Staff Reporter 27 January 2024
The Bangladesh Bank has started printing money against the ‘special bonds’ to provide loans to [.....]

Dollar exchange rate differs far from real price

Int. Desk 25 December 2023
A leading business firm in the country paid an import bill of USD 400,000 to [.....]

The buyer agrees to drop ‘sanction-clause’ from LC: BGMEA

Staff Reporter 09 December 2023
The foreign buyer, that included a clause to a letter of credit (LC) outlining its [.....]

Prices of essentials rice, lentil, flour remain high

Staff Reporter 02 December 2023
Prices of most of the essentials including rice, lentils, flour, coarse flour, sugar and edible [.....]

Asia stocks turn lower

Int. Desk 27 November 2023
Asian shares slipped on Monday ahead of potentially market-moving inflation data from the United [.....]

H&M and Gap are committed to raise purchase prices for Bangladesh-made clothes

Int. Desk 09 November 2023
 Global fashion retailers including H&M and Gap are committed to raising purchase prices for Bangladesh-made [.....]

Import costs drop 16pc, what about dollar crunch?

Staff Reporter 14 August 2023
Bangladesh has registered a significant fall in import costs by around 16 per cent during [.....]

Why do our prices stay high despite global dip?

Staff Reporter 24 February 2023
Inflation rates are falling in many parts of the world, including war-affected European countries and [.....]