Saturday, 18th May, 2024
Saturday, 18th May, 2024
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Only 300 meters remaining to complete much awaited Padma Bridge

With the installation of 39th span today, only 300 meters will remain in hand to complete a 6,150-meter or 6.15 kilometers long much awaited Padma multipurpose Bridge.

“Preparations have been completed to install the 39th span of the bridge at Mawa point and installation would make 5,850 meters visible of the main structure of the bridge,” said Executive Engineer Dewan Md Abdul Quader of the Padma Multipurpose Bridge Authority.

The span, bearing a number 2-D, is going to be set up on 10 and 11 pillars after four days of placing the previous one, said the official. “The rest two 40 and 41 spans will be installed within December 15,” he added.

Meanwhile, a floating crane Tian-E brought the span from the construction yard at Kumarbhogh in Mawa at about 9:00am.

Of the total 41 spans—all the 20 spans have already been set up at the Jajira site and 18 spans at Mawa site—and the remaining two spans following the installation of 39th span will be set up by December 15.

Earlier, the authorities installed 38th span on the Padma Bridge on November 22, making some 5,700 meters of the bridge visible.

The 6.15-km long double-layer bridge will have a total of 41 spans which would be installed on 42 poles – 21 poles at Mawa site and other 21 poles at Jajira point and all the poles have already become visible.
The multi-purpose Padma Bridge is expected to be opened in 2021.

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