Friday, 12th April, 2024
Friday, 12th April, 2024

$42.09 billion forex reserve gift to nation on eve of Victory Day: Kamal

Finance Minister AHM Mustafa Kamal today said the country’s foreign exchange (forex) reserve has crossed US$42 billion mark for the first time ever which is the gift to the nation on the eve of the ‘Victory Day’.

“The foreign exchange reserve of $ 42.09 billion is very good news for us. This is a rare event in the history of the country. This event on the eve of Victory Day is definitely a gift for the nation,” he said.

Despite the unexpected shock due to Covid-19, Kamal said expatriate Bangladeshis have kept the country’s economy vibrant by sending a huge amount of remittance.

He expressed his gratitude and thanks to all the expatriates for their tireless efforts in this extraordinary achievement.

Besides, on the eve of Victory Day, he wished everyone a happy Victory Day.

The country’s foreign exchange reserves today touched a new record of over US$42 billion amid coronavirus crisis.

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