Thursday, 9th February, 2023
Thursday, 9th February, 2023

Lockdown: Strict punishment if someone goes out without extreme emergency

The government has imposed a strict lockdown across the country for seven days, starting from July 1 to prevent the coronavirus infection. Strict punishment will be awarded if someone goes out of home during the lockdown without extreme emergency.

A notification issued in this regard revealed the information on Tuesday (June 29).

According to the notification, all government and private offices and public transports will remain closed during the strict restrictions. Strict measures will be taken against those will go out of home without extreme emergency, except people engaged in emergency service.

Detail notification over the restrictions will be released by the Cabinet Division on Wednesday (June 30).

Meanwhile, countrymen are requested to wear face masks and maintain all health guidelines to prevent the coronavirus infection.

Mentionable, Police, BGB and Army will be deployed across the country to enforce the restriction during the lockdown.

This is the first time that army personnel are being deployed to enforce the lockdown strictly in compliance with health guidelines.

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