Saturday, 21st May, 2022
Saturday, 21st May, 2022

Instability through spreading rumors, police on hardline

Police are taking action against those who are spreading rumors and confusion through social media and destroying harmony.

A press release issued by Police Headquarters revealed the matter on Monday (October 18) night.

According to the press release, the concerned units of police are monitoring the rumor spreaders through various social media and legal action is being taken against them.

In order to destroy the existing communal harmony in the country, some individuals and groups are attempting to create a volatile situation by spreading rumors and confusion through social media. In many cases, conspirators distort or misinterpret social media posts or misinterpret information to create a conflict situation.

Police Headquarters AIG (Media and Public Relations) Kamruzzaman said, “Everyone is specially requested not to spread rumors/confusion through any media including social media and not to believe unsolicited news.”

Police are also expecting the overall cooperation of people in dealing with any untoward situation.

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