Monday, 17th January, 2022
Monday, 17th January, 2022

Victory Day today

On this auspicious occasion of Victory Day, Bangladesh has much to celebrate while reflect on where we are failing. This day always brings mixed emotions. While we feel immense pride at standing tall as an independent country, we cannot forget the grief of losing so many of our sons, daughters and war heroes.

We are indebted to our Liberation War martyrs and Freedom Fighters. And on this day we are grateful to all of them. It is also a day for acknowledging contribution and sacrifices of our supporter and friendly countries across the globe.

However, this very occasion is also a time for introspection whether the goals, for which the blood of martyrs was shed, have been achieved.

Among some of the notable achievements, under the astute political leadership of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, today Bangladesh is a confident country of 160 million people with a booming export oriented economy, which has grown at an annual average of about 6% for well over a decade.

Economic growth slowed to 5.2% in 2020 due to Covid-19 pandemic, and is predicted to bounce back to 6.8% in 2021 and 7.2% in 2022 by the Asian Development Bank. Moreover, the country’s GDP per capita now stands at $2,227, higher than India’s ($1,947) and much higher than Pakistan ($1,543).

It is encouraging to note that Bangladesh is engaged in various sub-regional connectivity projects through road, rail and sea routes with its neighbours. Moreover, the country is also exerting its influence in the neighbourhood, reflecting greater material resources and growing confidence. The country is member of a number of regional and international alliances and forums.

However, with the turn of the year, economic and infrastructural developments have been considered as key emerging geopolitical trends in the region.

The country’s government is surely realising this fact. Overall, the growing multi-polarity of the global order brings with it a unique opportunity for Bangladesh to increase its geopolitical clout in the near future.

Not to forget, the country is a strategic bridge connecting South Asia and Southeast Asia sub region, and its geographical location is one of the keys to successfully explore all opportunities that lie ahead.

Nevertheless, the country is still far from turning into Camelot. Our moral bankruptcy has become extremely prevalent in this current egalitarian society. This Covid-19 pandemic has revealed the worst scenario of our society, in particular the health sector which was thinly veiled for too long. Women are still marginalized, gender-based violence is soaring up, rape has become an epidemic, corruption has become a ‘new normal’ while attaining communal harmony is still a far cry.

However, on this auspicious occasion we should vow that we must persistently fight all challenges to fulfil the dreams of our martyrs of 1971.

We must remember that patriotism is a lifelong test and we must continue serving our nation by upholding the spirit of Victory Day.

Happy Victory Day to all our readers.

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