Wednesday, 17th August, 2022
Wednesday, 17th August, 2022

Clear URLs removed from Chrome web store

Google Chrome has removed a popular Chrome extension called ClearURLs from the Chrome Web Store, and its creators have described the company’s reasoning for doing so as “ridiculous.”

According to The Register, the Chrome team emailed the developer of the extension, Kevin Roberts, stating that its extension had been removed from the store due to a breach of condition. According to the Google Chrome team, clear URLs were prohibited for permission and a misrepresentation using keyword spam.

On the Chrome Web Store Extensions page, Kevin Roberts describes how it can prevent unwanted online tracking by removing tracking elements that are often found inside URLs:

“This extension will automatically remove tracking elements from URLs to help protect your privacy when browse through the Internet. Many websites use tracking elements in the URL (e.g.https://example.comutm_source=newsletter1&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=sale)to mark your online activity. All that tracking code is not necessary for a website to be displayed or work correctly and can therefore be removed—that is exactly what ClearURLs does.”

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